About us

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Not your ordinary accountant…

Helenke is a family based registered accounting firm. WE are based in Nelspruit and Barberton, WE are a dynamic accounting firm between husband and wife in the Lowveld that was established in 2004 by Helen Slabbert. Helen grew up in Barberton and studied part time and completed her 4 years leaners agreement with SAICA at a big CHARTERED ACCOUNTANCY Firm in Nelspruit.


  • No business is too small for us, our goal is to provide the most effective and efficient service to our clients, taking the stress of accounting and tax compliance off your shoulders, so that you can focus on growing your business. 12 Years later, Helenke appointed Espina, a junior accountant to join the team.We strive to have a ‘one-on-one’ relationship with all of our clients and we are flexible to accommodate specific requirements.We are happy to collect your paper-work and drop it off if you are unable to come to us.We also provide your with monthly reminders regarding important due dates.

    We offer the following services:
  • Monthly bookkeeping and accounting
  • Monthly management statements
  • Statutory registrations and SARS returns:
    * VAT, PAYE, UIF, SDL (EMP201), IRP5, EMP501 bi-annual reconciliation, Workmen’s Compensation Returns
  • Company Registrations
  • Income Tax – Companies, Close 
    Corporations and Individuals
  • Provisional Tax
  • Tax clearance certificates
  • Tax Directives
  • SARS Objections
  • Liaison with SARS
  • Letter of Good Standing
  • Payroll administration and services
  • CCMA related services
  • Accounting Officer engagements (close 
      corporations and companies)
  • Annual financial statements or management statements
  • Company and Close Corporation CIPC 
  • Preparation of working paper files for auditors